Facilities Management Services Guildford

CTA Facilities Management Services Guildford and Surrey. Many facilities services have been commoditised to such a degree that any additional squeeze on cost means that service will inevitably fail. It is no wonder that client/supplier relationships often fall apart and contracts are not renewed.

That’s why our aim is to deliver long term value for money. We want to have honest conversations, not promising you what can’t be delivered. We balance cost against quality of service and strive to deliver better value through thinking differently about the way we deliver your services.

Cost management starts with understanding what you do and what you spend. We will audit existing delivery and spend on facilities and maintenance services and identify the areas with room for improvement.

Next, designing your solution. Specifying the appropriate service levels and procuring the right service partners gives you only the things that you do want to pay for.

During mobilisation we will agree with you the appropriate cost control measures and processes to be implemented that will work for your organisation.

Facilities Management Services Guildford

Once the contract is operational, agreed cost controls regulate what jobs can be raised via the helpdesk. Real time visibility of all reactive jobs gives you up to the minute information across your property estate.

A rigorous change control process ensures that as service requirement flexes up, down or sideways, everyone agrees and signs off any change.

Regular benchmarking of service provision across our contracts and against external indices ensures that we keep costs under control and you always know how we compare.

Whilst property maintenance is not rocket science, at the very centre of good Facilities Management Companies is a great service ethic, systems and the quality of the people who are completing the projects and tasks.

Facilities Management Companies that started life as property maintenance contractors or contract cleaners for example, tend to have a better understanding of the process, the necessity of delivering timely, cost-efficient services at a quality level. The better Facilities Management Companies usually have the experience enabling them to develop systems that ensure contracts and projects are managed step by step through the process.